Special industrial sewing machine china manufactory since from 2000, such as Eyelet buttonholer 9820/981, Industrial Sewing Machine, Industrial Sewing Machine Parts, Hand-Stitch Sewing Machine, Button Hole Sewing Machine, Electronic Lockstitch Sewing Mahcine, Electronic Eyelet Button Holer,Bar tacker 430D/430FX, Lockstitch buttonholer 800B, Pattern sewer 311G/326G/342G, Hand stitch 781 and so on.

Zhejiang suote sewing machine mechanism co.,ltd, located on yueqing city, zhejiang, china. Wioth specialized technologu, high-quality service system of perfection and production experience for many
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years, develops the special machinery.

Suote main products including st-9820/st-981 electronic eyelet button holer machine, st-880b electronic lockstitch button holer, st-8430d/st-8430fx electronic durecr drive lockstitch bar tacker, st-8438d/st-8438fx electronic button-sewing machine, st-8311g/st-8326g/st-8342g electronic patten sewer and other special industriial sewing machines.

Suote will do a good job of quality control strictly in the future, will innovate constantly, offer most thoughtful service to customers. And hope for the support of domestic and international old and new customers sincerely patronize.

Zhejiang Suote Sewing Machine Mechanism Co.,Ltd
Address:No. two Yonghe Road, industrial zone, Chengdong District, Yueqing, Zhejiang Province 7
Post No.: 325600
Phone:+86-139 6879 7403
Tel:+86-577-6138 0779
Fax:+86-577-6138 3937
Company Website:www.suote-sewing.com
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