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Getting up is more difficult, walking leads to stumbling over smaller thresholds and showering becomes a balancing act - in the course of life, such everyday activities become a major obstacle for many people. Renovations could help, at least within one's own home, but they are expensive. The care insurance in Germany pays up to 4,000 euros in subsidies for such adjustments. According to the Barmer GEK Report of 2015, only 3.7 percent of those entitled use this entitlement. At this point it is besser zuhause's turn. As a personal companion, the Hamburg-based startup is helping to simplify access to state support for the approximately 50,000 outpatients in need of care in Hamburg and to make it accessible.

In this context, besser zuhause takes over the planning, coordination, implementation and billing of the improvements. No matter whether it is a barrier-free shower or a raised toilet - those affected can stay at home longer, easier and better.
besser zuhause offers a carefree package including personal advice. First, a counsellor examines the home of the person in need of care. They then decide together with the person and their family which conversions are to be carried out. Afterwards, it is better to help at home to apply for and settle the 4,000 Euro subsidy with the state care fund. For a fast and reliable implementation besser zuhause partner with certified well-established local companies.


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